Switch Terraform versions easily on Mac

Switch Terraform versions on Mac

In this tutorial I will show you how to switch terraform versions on Mac. We will be going to use tfenv to install and switch the versions. Let’s get started.

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1. Install tfenv with brew

We are going to use tfenv to switch terraform version. tfenv makes it easier to switch to different terraform versions.

Note: Please brew unlink terraform before continuing.

~ brew install tfenv 

 ~ tfenv --version
tfenv 2.2.2 

2. Install specific version of terraform mac

tfenv install 0.14.3

~ tfenv list
No default set. Set with 'tfenv use <version>'

As the not says you have to set the  default version.

~ tfenv use 1.0.0
Switching default version to v1.0.0
Switching completed

Note: If you see the oldest version installed with brew then you need to uninstall it. You can uninstall using for example brew uninstall [email protected]

3. Switch Terraform versions

Now we can easily switch terraform version. Let’s see how.

 ~ tfenv use 0.14.3
Switching default version to v0.14.3
Switching completed

Terraform verison has been switched to 0.14.3.

4. Check terraform version

Now let’s check terraform version.

~ ~ terraform -version
Terraform v0.14.3

Please let me know how you liked the tutorial. Please comment below what you want to learn next or topics I should write tutorials.
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