How to install VestaCP in Centos, Redhat & Fedora..


In this tutorial i will show you how to install vestacp on centos 7/redhat 7 or fedora. Let’s get started.

We made an extremely simple and clear interface. Instead of adding more elements to work with, we prefer to remove as much as possible. The main goal was to improve the ergonomics of the control panel by reducing unnecessary movements and operations. It is all about using less, because less is more. We hope you will love it as we do.

Source vestacp website

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Install Vestacp in centos

Step 1: Connect to your Server as root via SSH

ssh [email protected]

Step 2: Download the installation Script by following Command

curl -O

Step 3: Now Run the Installation Script


Yey! you have successfully installed Vestacp on your server

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After Installation you will get username and password make a copy of it because you will these credentials to login into Vestacp

Now open Browser and type:


Install vestacp on centos

Now Login with your User name and Password


If you got some issue using this tutorial please feel free to comment below.

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