Install teamcity agent on ubuntu 16.04/ centos 7

Install teamcity agent on ubuntu 16.04/ centos 7

This is part 3 of teamcity tutorial. In this, we will learn how to install teamcity agents on Ubuntu. There are two ways to install agents for teamcity. I will show you the zip method. In this method, we will download the zip file from teamcity server. So, let’s get started.

Prerequisites for teamcity agent

  • Java 8 must be installed
  • Ubuntu or centos 7 must be installed

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Install teamcity agent

Firstly, we will create a directory for installation.

sudo mkdir /opt/teamcity
cd /opt/teamcity

Download  the zip file distribution

We need to download a zip file from the teamcity server to install it on the agent. Replace the server-url with your server ip or server hostname.

wget http://server-ip:8111/update/
sudo unzip
sudo chmod +x bin/
cp conf/ conf/

Now we need to open the file and change the serverUrl with your server URL on line 9.

Teamcity agent startup script

Now we will create teamcity agent startup script so that we can manage it easily.

sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/teamcity-agent.service

Description=TeamCity Build Agent

ExecStart=/opt/teamcity/bin/ start
ExecStop=/opt/teamcity/bin/ stop


Start teamcity-agent  Services

Now we have created service file let’s enable and start the services of teamcity-agent.

systemctl enable teamcity-agent
systemctl start teamcity-agent

Now our teamcity agent is started and you can go to teamcity server and use the agent for builds.

Source: TeamCity documentaion

If you got any issues installing teamcity agent please feel free to comment below.

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