How to install csf on Centos, Redhat & Fedora..

How to install csf  on Centos, Redhat & Fedora..

What is CSF (Config Server Firewall)..?

CSF stands for Configserver security and firewall. CSF is a configuration script built to provide better security to servers , at the same time providing a large number of configuration options and features to configure and secure with extra checks to ensure smooth operation. It helps in locking down public access and to restrict what can be accessed like only e-mails or only websites, etc. To add more power to this, it comes with a Login Failure Daemon (LFD) script that runs all the time to scan for failed attempts to login to the server to detect bruteforce-attacks. There are an array of extensive checks that lfd can perform to help alert the server administrator of changes to the server, potential problems and possible compromises.


install csf in centos


Download and Install CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall)

Now we will start Downloading CSF package and install in our centos server. You can got to css website or use following command to download csf

cd /opt/

wget http//
tar xvf csf.tgz
cd css

Install CSF

Now we will install csf from install script


Testing  whether all of the required firewall modules are available in the server

perl /etc/>csf/

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 9.26.59 PM

Now css will work perfectly on your server.

Configure CSF

Now we will configure csf. Open /etc/csf/csf.conf with your favourite editor and edit as follows

vim /etc/csf/csf.conf

Start the csf services

systemctl start css

Your csf firewall has been successfully installed. You can now starting working with csf.

If you face any problem using this tutorial feel free to comment below..

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