How to install teamcity 10.x on centos 7

How to install teamcity on centos 7

TeamCity is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains. It was first released on October 2, 2006. TeamCity is commercial software and licensed under a proprietary license. A Freemium license for up to 20 build configurations and 3 free Build Agent licenses is available. Open Source projects can request a free license.

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Download TeamCity

Firstly we will download the TeamCity tar archive from the official website.


tar xvf TeamCity-2017.1.3.tar.gz

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Install TeamCity

Now we will install TeamCity.

mkdir /opt/teamcity
mv TeamCity /opt/teamcity

Download PostgreSQL JDBC driver

We need to download PostgreSQL JDBC driver in order to use PostgreSQL database for TeamCity. You can download it from this link also or use the following command to download via yum.

mkdir -p /opt/teamcity/TeamCity/.BuildServer/lib/jdbc/

wget -P /opt/teamcity/TeamCity/.BuildServer/lib/jdbc/

We will create a startup script to start teamcity. Create a new file in /etc/systemd/system/teamcity.service.

vim /etc/systemd/system/teamcity.service

Description=TeamCity Server

; Make sure the CATALINA_PID env variable is setup in $TEAMCITY_HOME/bin/
ExecStart=/opt/teamcity/TeamCity/bin/ start
ExecStop=/opt/teamcity/TeamCity/bin/ stop


Enable and Start TeamCity Services

Now we will enable and start TeamCity using systemctl. Before we need to reload the daemon because we have created new service file.

systemctl enable teamcity

systemctl start teamcity

Configure postgresql

Open /var/lib/pgsql/9.6/data/pg_hba.conf in your favourite editor and replace ident by md5.





systemctl restart postgresql-9.6

Create user and database in PostgreSQL

Now we will create a user in PostgreSQL database for TeamCity.

[root@installvirtual ~]# psql -U postgres
Password for user postgres:
psql (9.6.3)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# CREATE USER teamcity WITH PASSWORD 'teamcity';
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE teamcity OWNER teamcity;
postgres=# \q

Now we have created a user in PostgreSQL let’s go to the TeamCity web interface and continue installation.

TeamCity web interface

Now we will go to the web interface to continue our TeamCity installation. Go to ip-address:8111

Step 1: Change the Data Directory

Here we will change the data directory to /opt/teamcity/TeamCity/.BuildServer
install teamcity on centos 7

Step 2: Now we have to setup database connection. Select PostgreSQL from the drop down menu and then click refresh to detect the jdbc driver that we have downloaded. Then you need to provide user and password that we have created in PostgreSQL. In my case user is TeamCity and password is also TeamCity.

install teamcity on centos 7

Step 3: Accept the License Agreement

Now Accept the License Agreement

Step 4: Create Administrator Account

install teamcity on centos 7

Step 5: Put in your name and email address and you are ready to go.

If you got some issues installing TeamCity please feel free to comment below or use this link to ask it in discussions.

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