10 Mac Keyboard shortcuts mac user should know

10 Mac Keyboard shortcuts

10 mac keyboard shortcuts

From this post you will learn 10 mac keyboard shortcuts. Everyday a lot of people use mac and this will help them all to use keys to get work done. After knowing these you can increase your speed and efficiency. Sometime it is annoying to use mouse again and again we get frustrated so you can use these shortcut to reduce the work. After knowing you these shortcuts you will impress you colleagues or your friends. Everyday people ask me shortcut in mac so i decided to write this blog post, I hope you will like this post.

1. How do you open a tab on a Mac?

Everyday we use browser a lot so you need to know the keyboard shortcut to open the tab in any browser on mac.

Command ⌘ + T

2. How do you close a tab on a Mac?

If you want to close the tab from keyboard just use following keys to close the tab on Mac

Command ⌘ + w

3. How to reopen closed tab in Safari?

Sometimes we close the tab unexpectedly so you can use following keyboard shortcut to reopen it easily.

Command ⌘ + Z

4. How to take screenshot in macbook?

To take a screenshot on mac use the following keys and it will be saved to Desktop.

Command ⌘ +  Shift + 4 – To select the area

Command ⌘ +  Shift + 3 – To take screen shot of full screen

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5. How to quit the application in Mac?

To quit the application quickly just use

Command ⌘ + q

6. How to force quit application in Mac?

Sometimes we need to force quit applications when they don’t respond

Command ⌘ + alt ⌥ + esc

7. How to close all tabs in Mac?

To close all the tabs just use following keys

Command ⌘ + Shift +w

8. How to find application or files in Mac?

To find something quickly in mac use

Command ⌘ + Space

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9 . How do you minimize on a Mac?

To minimize application in mac use the following keyboard shortcut

Command ⌘ + m

10. How to open finder window in Mac?

This is the best shortcut in mac. If you want to open finder window from keyboard just use following shorcut

Command ⌘ + alt ⌥ + Space

If you got some issues or suggestions please comment below and let me know.

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